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Every Battle Leaves a Scar

I hope that you always remember neglect cuz I know that my heart it wont forget

..·:(¯*·.♥ Ra©hêl ♥.·*¯):·..
23 July
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the Color Pink is Love.

Personal Info
[name] Rachel
[sex] Female
[birthdate] July 23, 1987
[status] singgleeeee
[hair color] dark chocholate
[eye color] Blue
[zodiac] Leo
[birthstone] Ruby
[height] 5' 5"

[sports] Skiing, horseback riding, track
[music] Taking Back Sunday, The Used, John Mayer, Boys Night Out, story of the year
[tv] The apprentice, real world
[movies] the notebook, Troy, the stand, eurotrip
[actors] orlando bloom
[actresses] Kate Hudson
[reading] freeze
[likes] friends, skiing, tanning, working out, the beach, PINE KNOB, CO, gadorade
[dislikes] bitchyness, fakes, lying, seafood, rollercoasters, drugs

[obsessing] PK
[reading] freeze and freeskier
[listening] Funeral for a Friend

We are that indescribable sensation the first thing on a waist-deep day when you push off from the lift, haul ass down a cat track, and launch into an open bowl so filled with promise that you wouldn't trade your next 10 turns for anything on earth. We are the feeling that fills a bar late on a Friday night when there's a party raging inside and a storm raging outside and everyone keeps looking out the window just to stare at fat flakes drifting through darkness. We are every working stiff whose head moved him away from a ski town but whose heart remains there and always will. We are both the kids dropping into halfpipes and the ones stuck somewhere the mountains aren't. We are the sound of ski boots kicking up a ridge at dawn. We are East and West, backcountry and frontcountry, Argentina and Alaska and Aspen. We are not just words on a page, we are the feeling you get after reading them. We are the language of winter. We are skiers.

Powder 33.1

Britney is "Toxic" Love.